Dusting our Knees

Date: 1989
Role:  Carla
Director:    Robin Laurie
Company:  Melb Workers Theatre
Photo credits: Ruth Maddison

Carla (Laura Lattuada) delivers a moving speech about how the strike helped her realise the dignity of being a worker as well as a wife.”

THE AGE (May 1988) Louise Bellamy

“The momentum of the play is also greatly enhanced by the innovative use of music and song. These serve, not as mere reinforcements of the plot and theme, but actually further the action. The musicians are also workers and the other actors move with fantastic ease from song to the spoken word.”

(May 1988) Martina Nightingale

“There was also a song written and beautifully sung by actor Laura Lattuada.”

BEAT (Sept 1988) Sue Ostler