Emma – Celebrazione

Date: 1999
Director:  Rosalba Clemente
Company: STA, Adelaide
Photo credits: David Wilson

“….with her gutsy, no nonsense voice and her ease of interplay with the audience. She is an entertaining performer and a substantial stage presence. She takes the play beyond the plight of immigration to embrace the very life force itself.”


Clemente has got the very best from all of her actors. Laura Lattuada as Emma is quite wonderful. She manages to get the audience involved with the actions of the play without even the suggestion of threat or confrontation. It is the first time I’ve experienced audience participation without any sense of dread being apparent in the audience. Lattuada also works superbly with the community choir Le Rondinelle, who sing their hearts out under the enthusiastic direction of Guido Coppola.”

THE ADVERTISER (Dec 1999) Myk Mykyta.

“Laura Lattuada, as Emma, manages to make the whole thing work. Lattuada’s extremely focused performance, ability to work a crowd and move from the comic tot the serious with ease gives the production the gravitas it needs to be successful. One can see why so many directors seek her out to play Emma (it’s the fourth time with the role). That way with a funny line, those cheeky eyes and mouth. Who would want anyone else?

THE ADVERTISER (Dec 1999) David O’Brien.

“Emma is deliciously played by Laura Lattuada with equal parts charm and steely strength….And all along the way, the leading lady Lattuada flirts with, cajoles and confides in the audience, whom she has singing, clapping in time, and answering back….then she twirls an unsuspecting male into a hip-grinding waltz that ends up horizontal…”

THE ADVERTISER (Dec 1999) Jackie Tracy