Emma – Celebrazione

Date: 1997
Role:  Emma
Director:   Kim Durban
Company:   Playbox Theatre

Laura Lattuada as Emma has the huge task not only of speaking most of the play, of conveying the attractive vitality of the character, but also of drawing audience members into the wedding celebration from time to time. She does all this with wonderful energy and verve, yet also establishes the sub textual sadness of Emma’s disappointments.

THE AGE (March 1996)

“….In addition to Lattuada’s tour de force as Emma, Lattuada plays Emma with an unbeatable charm and warmth engaging an entire audience with wry glances, quips, adages and reminiscences. We become her guest, her confidantes in this lively, almost edible script by Graham Pitts…”

THE MELBOURNE TIMES (March 1996) Kate Herbert

“The performances throughout are excellent. Lattuada catches the various sides of her character – the emotionally generous, the sad, the ironic, as well as the hard feisty and fighting.”

THE MELBOURNE TIMES (March 1996) Steven Carroll

“For Playbox, Emma was one of the most successful plays and is returning due to huge public demand…”

MALTHOUSE (Nov Issue, 1997)

The script by Graham Pitts is both poignant and witty, yet Lattuada is happy to go beyond it, joking and ad lobbing with the audience in the best Barry Humphries tradition. There is even audience participation as Lattuada entices people onto the stage…..”

“…and Lattuada uses her flashing eyes and swivelling hips to full advantage as she takes the audience, through a series of flashbacks, to meet the key people in Emma’s life…”

THEATRE REVIEW (Feb 1997) Danny Cocs

“Lattuada who plays Emma in Emma – Celebration gives an outstanding performance. Lattuada has the audience in her garlicky palm, moving easily between high comedy and pathos…”

THE HERALD SUN (March 1997) Bob Crimeen