Ladies Night

Date: 1993
Role:  Glenda
Director:   Garry Downs
Company:  Gateway Productions

“The token female, Glenda, is played by Laura Lattuada who exudes mega-volts of energy and brings the guys’ act up to shape. Barry (Daddo) perving at her while she goes through her stretching exercises is a classic example of extreme poor taste, but Lattuada  plays the role with such panache that she triumphs over the content. Her lecturing of Daddo on the importance of clenching his butt so that the audience doesn’t see his ass-hole is quite brilliant.”

GOOD WEEKEND (June 1993)

“So he enlists the help of Glenda played by Laura Lattuada, a cabaret entertainer who can bump and grind unblushingly through the most sinuous moves.”

HERALD SUN (June 1993) Alison Barclay