Date: 1994
Role:  Siren
Director:   Patricia Cornelius
Company:   Opa Theatre Prod

“OPA: A Sexual Odyssey is a piece of music theatre which leaps off the writing page. It begins tentatively; but quickly establishes itself as a seductive and entertaining mix of music, song, comedy, and sexual fantasy, with the emphasis firmly on comedy.”

“The actors enter the spirit of the piece with playful good humour and enthusiasm. It should prove popular once the word gets around.”

THE AGE (Jan 1994) Leonard Radic

“The production is novel and inventive utilising live music, 9 female performers and fantasies drawn from women from cultures all over the world.”


“The goddesses are of various shapes and sizes, but each with a beauty of her own…”

THE SUNDAY AGE (Feb 1994) John Larkin